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  1. My how time flies, just got in before August disappears for another year. Well I have finally finished the first of my Irish Wild Flower Collection, Bog Cotton. I love this fluffy plant with its red spiky leaves and stems, the fine hairs easily blown about by the wind and seen enmass creating carpets of soft white across the bog.

    I am also working on some other wild flowers and hope to finish them in the next few weeks or so. Next week I am off to Co. Clare for a few days break and so will be visiting the Burren to see what's flowering. I have not been at this time of year before so am looking forward to be surprised. Will be taking my sketch book and maybe a few paints, but also need to rest, build up my inner resourses and charge the batteries for the coming winter!

    bog cotton pic monkey



  2. My how time flies, the year is racing by and we are half way through August already. This seems to be turning into a monthly blog, so I'll have to pull my socks up and get writing more often.

    Well, I started several wild flowerpaintings weeks ago, but craft shows, packing, clearing sheds with wwoofers and chopping logs all got in the way. Now I'm back to it again and fired up for painting. I sold a large Achill landscape painting recently which has started the creative juices flowing to get into my landscape painting again. Will keep the Irish wild flowers going though in the meantime.

    I spent a lovely weekend selling my cards and prints with Craftworks Mayo at The Museum of Country Life at Turlough, Castlebar at the beginning of August. Our stalls looked very colourful and full of quality displays in a huge marquee. Outside were demonstrations of our various crafts, with balloons and bunting creating a festive occasion. Then on the following Monday 5th August I had a stall at Bonniconlan Show, which was teeming with people. I shared the stall with another fine art crafter Liz Courtie who makes beautiful ceramic pieces, pendants, pictures and buttons all with a celtic slant. Go and see her facebook page at Liz Courtie Fine Art Crafts.

    May have a few days away relaxing in the Irish countryside and have a swim in the sea before summer leaves us, but I will take my sketch book with me!

    I will finsh there for now and come back very shortly and hopefully before September!!